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Facebook Photography

Have you ever noticed that social networks have made it okay to take pictures of yourself alone?

Five years ago, if you admitted to doing that, people would call you weird.

But now, you and most of your friends have exactly that sort of photo in your profile photos.

Why is it not weird anymore? Or have we all been doing it all along, and now we’re just being honest about it?


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I’d call it a combination of social networking sites and digital photography. Nobody wanted to waste their film on solo portraits especially ones taken by yourself of yourself that you cannot really see how they will turn out. Now you can take as many shots as you need to capture that one perfect image and not pay one red cent aside from your initial investment in the equipment.

Hula Doual

I haven’t thought about that before. Interesting.

Enrique Gutierrez

Not just alone… In the bathroom at that… and with the camera in the shot.

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