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It’s an Honor Just to be Nominated. Right?

Last month the lovely Jane decided that Playboy’s “Hottest Female Blogger” column needed a male counterpart. She did a little contest of her own… but we got our heads together and realized it couldn’t stop there.

So I am pleased to announce the first-ever Hot Blogger Calendar competition. Think social media meets cheesecake and beefcake calendars.

Nominations begin today and run for a week. Then the finalists will be voted on. And then we’re having a shoot party in Manhattan. It’ll be tons of fun, and we’re going to liveblog the whole hysterical process.

(And then, calendars will be available in November, with a portion of proceeds going to charity. Definitely this holiday’s “hot” gift. Ha ha.)

It’s time to get a look at the people behind the blogs. They’ve been hiding their hotness long enough.

Have you nominated someone today?


Jane - Mom Generations

I can’t imagine a better partner for this project! You’re so fun and easy to work with, even when I’m spacey. 😉 Can I nominate YOU!? (Hey, we make the rules, right?)


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