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Weekly Roundup: Overwhelming Edition

Bloggery news:

Also, check out the fabulous Josh (in the stripey shirt) in this podcast . (Kris ‘specially.)

Just back from a gorgeous weekend away with people I’ve loved for decades and three babies-to-be, elegance and goofiness, laughing and crying, gourmet and junk, photo-junkie-ism and swing dancing, a run in the sun and fire on the river. Back to 400 unread HBC nominations, new paint up in the condo, the news that my cousin got married by a Buddhist monk when nobody was looking, and not nearly enough time to absorb it all.

Hopefully, that’ll come this week. Along with my first sparring tournament and wedding 5 of 5 this summer. Expect updates throughout it all.

In the meantime, I leave you with this question. Did you get enough of what makes you happiest this weekend?



I can never get enough! But I got plenty. Thanks for asking!


Sadly, no. I put my boy on an airplane Sunday morning which not only deprived me of him, but of another thing that makes me happy, sleep.

Hula Doula

I did get enough. After last month’s car accident my children are finally whole and healed for the most part. My husband was in town and I am one happy woman. We had a wonderful weekend together. I am blessed and happy.

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