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On Imagination

Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Patti (right up there with Einstein) tweeted a link to this post about play and imagination.

It got me thinking about how what sets humans apart from everything else on the planet is imaginative power. Animals can play, but I don’t think anybody’s ever found that they can think about things that aren’t there yet. (Although they can miss things that are gone – and they can anticipate things that are coming.)

What really hit me about this was the idea that everything in your room right now came out of someone’s imagination. (Well, unless you’re reading this on a laptop outside. But you understand.)

Isn’t that a wild realization? That just about everything in our reality was once a construct, a creation, an imagining.

We talk of "standing on the shoulders of giants" as if it’s some high-end theoretical thing that only a few of us could do. But really, it’s how we all live every moment of every day.

It does give you pause. And makes you grateful.


Chris Wood

Humans are pretty awesome. Apparently we’re the only species aware of our finite lifespans. I wonder how someone goes about proving that?

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