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Biden and Palin Debate; VZW Text Messaging Wins.

Totally wasn’t thinking black. [referring to a discussion about what Sarah Palin would wear – red skirt suit vs. navy pantsuit were the guesses]

Ha! I was just thinking that.

That was like ten seconds to "soccer mom".

And there’s maverick. Twice.

Yup. If she gets any folksier I’m going to scream. And there’s "hockey mom".

And "Joe Six Pack American". What does that even mean?

Alcoholics? Who knows. But seriously: I’m BAKING AN APPLE PIE here and she’s too homey for me. Come on.

Oh, he went to "The Bridge to Nowhere".

Hells yeah he did.

Get ‘er, Senator.

I sort of hope she cries.

LOL. I love you. And agree.

More "rearing heads"! And "Wall Street / Main Street". If this was a drinking game I’d be sick already.

Um, weren’t they just talking about the mortgage crisis? What happened?

Mortgage schmortgage. Ask her about the dinosaurs!

Pshaw. What dinosaurs?

The ones that killed Jesus, silly.

Oh, THOSE dinosaurs.

And what the hell does she keep grinning about?

That she can see Russia from her house.

You know what it is about her? She sounds like Tim Miller’s mom. [a very sweet lady from Wisconsin who sounded like this ]

Yes! She totally does.

Mrs. Miller had a goose-themed kitchen. I don’t want a goose-themed White House.

I am totally making that a bumper sticker.

Also, can we please elect someone who can pronounce "nuclear"?

She did NOT just invoke women’s rights, that pro-life hypocrite.

She’s still grinning. Maybe she’s thinking about the fab time she had dressing up as Tina Fey. Must have been quite a costume.

Maybe she’s proud of getting to three "maverick"s in one hour.

Well, she certainly is the queen of straight talk.

Gosh darn gee whiz right she is.

And there it is AGAIN.

"Maverick" and "Main Street" in the same answer. She should get extra points.

If this was a drinking game, we would both be dead.

I almost wish I were. Did she truly just give a shout-out? Is this TRL?

Wait. This isn’t TRL?

No. Less shrieking.

Alaska is an energy-producing state?

Oil… or possibly sled dogs.

Maybe snowshoes… human power? I hear Wasilla is the crystal-meth capital of Alaska. She should talk about that.

He’s choked up about his awful tragedy, and she answers with "maverick" number five?

Dude, meth is energy, ever see one of those labs blow up? And he just told HER about maverickyness.

She makes my head hurt.

My vote is still for Biden.


Er, yes. Maybe I WAS drinking after all. Or just tired.

…goodnight, folks. Hope you had fun watching the debate too.



great stuff.

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