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Weekly Roundup: It’s a Beautiful Day

My current Facebook status says, “Sarah could not possibly be any more in love with fall,” and… yeah. I’ve had an utterly glorious weekend – the kind that makes you wonder how you can possibly deserve it. If yours has had half the friends, family, fun, fresh air, time, perfect weather – and I hope it did – you can identify.

This week’s roundup:

Your goals for the week:



I’m so glad you mentioned Bill Bryson – he is one of my absolute favorites and I think should be made required reading. Am reading “The Lost Continent” now, but “A Short History” is next on my list.


I’d tell you a secret, but I’m too bashful. Even for an anonymous post. Because eventually, it won’t be anonymous.
ps I read Jane Eyre a few months ago. For the second time. I know what you mean about being old enough to appreciate it.

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