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Mistaken Identity: Episodes 74-75 (And, My First Mistake)

Traci is disappointed that I won’t be coming to her Pampered Chef party. Which is a shame, really, as I do love me some Pampered Chef.

From: Traci
I called you this afternoon before I looked at my email. I noticed that you ordered some things so I guess that means that you will not be able to come. Thank you for ordering, but it is too bad you can’t make it. We will have to get together some time.

Someone with a mysterious sort of alias (doesn’t “pwoomer” sound like a Dr. Seuss animal?) has a delightful friendship with South Carolina’s Other Me, as well as a very nice babysitter, a lovely busy family… and a rather tenuous grasp of English sentence structure.

From: p7woomer
Hi Sweet Sarah,
Hows SC, my friend Caroline went today to visit Charleston, she has a cool apt. her sons at school there. Are your parents still going to visit you in Nov. I am hoping to make a trip there in Dec. maybe.. Nov won’t really work for me, As much as Id love to be there with your parents, So fun !
I went to lunch with my babysitter today she had to do a marketing plan on it so we went and ate, It made me So tired , I ran home and napped, now Sams at work and Bryans at basketball till 7. I may go clean my closet.. Well I was thinking of you today. Hope alls well. Whats new? Hoping to Ryan this weekend, all the sister in laws are coming to Lex for the races, so he and cousin Mike may make a trip so see us, havent seen him much, I think he’s really happy where he is. Anyways.. Love, P

And yes – 75 episodes in, I’ve made my very first error. I thought someone was looking for an Other Me when they actually were looking for Actual Me. It didn’t seem like I could explain the Mistaken Identity saga properly… so I just apologized profusely to Rebecca, who very probably thinks I’m a lunatic.

Are you new to these parts? (Hi Patty!) Check out how it all started, over a year and a half ago.


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