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10 Years Ago Today

Note: I’m leaving the graphics in, even though they keep screwing up the formatting, because I think a person’s Twitter photo is a big part of their “personality”.

The subject line of Tuesday afternoon’s HARO email was called “10 Years Ago Today”. And while I think Peter was referring to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that enacted digital rights management, it made me think.

On October 28, 1998, I was:

Point is, I didn’t really know much about anything. Exactly one year later, I was wandering around Rome. And I don’t know if I know a much more about anything, ten years later, but I’ve sure made sure I’ve seen more.

Now check out what Twitter was doing ten years ago today.

January_2008_016_normal_normaldeafmom: @sarahmorgan 10 years ago I was wiping butts, juggling 2 toddlers and a baby & counting the minutes ’til hubby arrived home so I cld escape.
Geoffrey_low-res_normalbobf1: @sarahmorgan 10 years ago today…I was wondering if people dressed up for Halloween at my first job out of college.
Noah_normal noahsaidwhat: @sarahmorgan – I had just started a new job and was utterly confused
Img_0905_normal joshshabtai: @sarahmorgan: putting finishing touches on a ‘road warrior’ halloween costume while trying to get over the dissolution of a relationship.
Heart_normal DJDiG: @sarahmorgan 10 years ago, I was probably listening to Hanson (still a fan).
Bill_normal snyderwriter: @sarahmorgan job hunting if I remember correctly.
: @sarahmorgan 10 years ago I was a high school junior in northern VA getting used to the east coast (again) after a recent move from SoCal
gamemom: @sarahmorgan 10 yrs ago was creating early online press events. Journos met online to play games and talk via phone. Fed Exed them food.

Rebecca__very_small_normal YML: @sarahmorgan Making haloween cosumes for a (then) one and two yr. old. about 3 hours ago

Panama_normal sachin_shah: @sarahmorgan @robinferrier “10 years ago” I had just moved to New York from DC, leaving my journalism career for the PR world.

Inga_rundquist_small_normalingarundquist:@sarahmorgan I was a junior at West High School having just moved from Germany to the US and taking drivers ed classes! Yikes
Default_profile_normal rferrier: @sarahmorgan “10 years ago…” i was working 1st job at literary agency and living at home b/c i didn’t make enough $$ to have my own place
Gspeakorange150x150_normal gturpin: @sarahmorgan 10 years ago today… I was also a new father and my wife and I were taking my son to meet his grandparents for the first time.
Megan_licursi_logo_copy2_normal meganlicursi: @sarahmorgan 10 years ago today I was in class at @AuburnU and working at the Auburn Plainsman

Ag_nye1_normalandrew_graham: @sarahmorgan 10 years ago, I was a junior in high school. Take from that what you will.

Head_n_mic_normalAnnetteFix: @sarahmorgan I’ll play. 10 years ago today, I was working as a dancer, supporting a deadbeat financial consultant from Smith Barney. Next?

Gspeakorange150x150_normal gturpin: @sarahmorgan 10 years ago today… I was the product manager for a multimedia design tool.

Pix_avatar_normalltbeyer:@sarahmorgan @skydiver re:HARO “10 years ago today…” I was a HS freshman going to my first Homecoming dance. (hope this thread spreads!)

Here’s where you tell me what you were doing!

Updated: Will wrote a whole post on it too!



10 years ago I was studying 2nd year music theory, doing volunteer music therapy visits at hospice, playing tenor sax in our college marching band, diligently preparing for my junior flute recital, and dealing with a lot of male friend-related drama. Oh yeah, and drinking an awful lot of hairy buffalo and Milwaukee’s Best Light. I was classy!

jill notkin

Love this post! 10 years ago I was in the very beginnings of this crazy whirlwind of a love affair with this incredible man who would later become my husband. 🙂

[…] the habit with this blogging thing), I’m taking a cue from Sarah Morgan’s post “10 Years Ago Today,” which was brought to my attention by Be the Boy. NovySan went into his IMDB record to find […]

will betheboy

I was living in NY, on the verge of a chain of events that would land me in LA engaged to someone other than my wife.

Kevin Dugan

10 years ago I was at my last job, a newlywed looking for a new home.

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