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Weekly Roundup: Guilty Pleasures Edition

Cozy nights in with friends, faraway family visiting, not having to go to jury duty after all, and surprising myself by knocking around in the kitchen and coming up with spicy turkey sausage and egg whites with gemelli and penne, and cider cupcakes with cider cream cheese frosting for dessert. Not a bad weekend, all told.

But there are some things that make even a rotten day brighter. You wouldn’t want everybody to know what they are, though, always, because – well, because they’re not the taste you’re proudest of. Guilty pleasures. Not bad… but not really good, either. Mostly just a little embarrassing. But, of course, I’m here to entertain you. And in that spirit:

So. What’s your guilty pleasure? Answer anonymously in the comments.

Which reminds me… a bit of housekeeping to answer questions and comments:



Guilty Pleasure: Journey. And I’m not ashamed of it at all.


Guilty pleasure…Gossip Girl. I think it brings me back to my all girls Catholic school days minus the limos and strippers. lol..

Kevin Dugan

That’s more than “knocking around” in the kitchen. wow. Now I’m hungry.

And I have seen two of the three HSM’s. The first one was solid. From there they were milking the cash cow.

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