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Answer Me Anonymously: Advice

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten? Twitter and I started you off…

Sometimes you just need to run around the house in your underpants.

TheMia @sarahmorgan Don’t give a shit if people don’t give a shit about you. But don’t think that people will love you on the spot. That’s foolish.

ashia @sarahmorgan There’s nothing open after midnight but Waffle House and legs, so no guy should be asking you to go out after midnight.

andrew_graham @sarahmorgan Order the Bordeaux.

seanpower @sarahmorgan Keep your head up.

WriteBrain @sarahmorgan On writing, from my 7th grade teacher: always write in “Mini-Skirt.” Long enough to cover the subject, short enough to be interesting. He was right.

melissaprusher @sarahmorgan Recognize what you can’t control and let it go.

So? What was yours?


Sarah Morgan

@Kristi – I think of your mom’s advice often. She’s a smart lady, she is.

Neil Crump

Both from my grandfather:

Wear a vest in the winter.

Never stand anyone up.

Brian Donohue

When you’re going through hell, keep going.


From my mom: Don’t lose yourself. At the time, it was relationship advice, but, as time goes by, I’m finding it to be helpful in all kinds of ways.


never eat anything larger than your head


Don’t hit kids. No seriously, they have guns now

Don’t light yourself on fire. It kinda hurts

Boys are stupid and kinda smell


“The reason you’re miserable is because you still give a shit.”

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