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Hot Cocoa, 50 Cents

I have a rule with myself: I always buy a drink from any kid with a sidewalk stand. Always.

The other day, a little boy about eight was bundled up behind a card table with a big red Thermos jug, a stack of Styrofoam cups and a plastic tablecloth flapping. I U-turned.

It’s important to appreciate people – to make an effort to connect with as many people as possible every day. And it’s extra-super-important with kids. Really, not to get all Sally Struthers, but what could be much more important in your day than taking a few quarters to help a kid feel successful?

So. Even if you don’t see any lemonade stands today, take the long way around and connect with somebody you might not otherwise have. Sometimes saving a dollar or five minutes comes at a pretty high cost.


Hula Doula

It builds their self esteem. Very nice.


I don’t know how this fits into your whole appreciating people thing but reading this made me want some hot chocolate, which made me discover the candy I had hidden in my desk inside the box of hot chocolate, which I desperately needed to turn my mood around. So I appreciate this post.


Aw, thanks for that. And now you really put me in the mood for some hot chocolate 🙂

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