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I just had a conversation in which I referred to people by both Christian names and Twitter handles. Unintentionally and unironically. And then I stopped and realized, holy hell, is that geeky.

And then I stayed stopped and realized that that’s what the Internet IS. It’s making geek mainstream.

If you told someone in 1990 that we’d all be sitting around typing out messages on little handheld screens, rather than calling each other and talking, you’d’ve gotten an eye roll, wouldn’t you? What about reading totally niche little publications with tiny audiences about incredibly specific things?

Texting and reading blogs. How wild and futuristic.

When it’s easy, looks like we all really do have a good bit of geek in us after all.



Haha, love Will’s comment. And what a hot girl he scored!

Yeah, back in the day I totally would have made fun of anyone talking to Internet friends… and even worse, meeting them in person.

So, technically, I would have made fun of me circa 2008.

will betheboy

If you had told me in 1990 that I’d marry a girl I met through the internet I’d say: “You mean I’ll talk to girls one day!”


Hi Sarah. First, I just want to say this is my first time commenting on your blog and I hope to return and comment some more.

Now for my comment! i think texting and blogging is cool like beepers were back in the day. I had to have a beeper when I was 15. In contrast, if you create software programs or facebook applications, etc, then yes you are geeky… The difference being, do you use the application to socially interact or are you creating the application and avoiding social interaction? Sarah, we are not the geeks!

Glen Turpin

The sad thing, Sarah, is that in 1991 I *was* sitting around typing out messages rather than calling people and talking.

Miss Britt

LOL – this makes me laugh because my “internet people” are always surprised to find out how NOT GEEKY I am offline.

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