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Hey, incidentally, 16 more posts till I hit 1,000. Think I’ll make it by the end of 2008? And what do I get if I do?

I’ve never been able to understand why anyone needs drugs, legal or illegal, to feel better. And after the day I’ve just had, I can’t imagine that they could be anywhere near as good.

Two of my fabulous friends from work and I participated in a Habitat for Humanity Women Build all day today. We got to spend the day outside in the fresh air and sunshine, warming ourselves up in the freezing cold and getting filthy dirty by hauling buckets of rocks and raking gravel and digging trenches and tarring a foundation. And we got to do it right alongside the amazing woman whose house we were building. It was an absolutely unbelievable experience (even apart from getting mistaken for a high-school student, which would have made my day all by itself). I can’t wait wait to volunteer for Habitat again.

And then I got to go to the hospital and talk to Tracy . And I guess all there is to say about that is – even when one of you is only blinking and nodding and shrugging – two weeks ago that I wasn’t sure whether I would ever have a conversation with my friend again.

I can’t express how much I needed a day like this. I am so, so grateful and happy.


Hula Dula

I have to tell you what HB said about Tracy. I left this same thing on their blog. He said, “Who is it that we are praying for to get better?” I said,”Someone mommy read on of her friends.” “Oh…well….we can pray for strangers right?” “Of course we can.” “Good because I would not like to lose my mommy when I’m nine or six or even 100.” I think that just about tops that off.
Out of the mouths of babes I tell you. Their earnest honesty is a killer sometimes.


I’ve been following your friend’s blog since you posted the link. I’m so sorry for what she’s going through and am thinking about her.

Hope you are doing ok…

Miss Britt


not date

Although, according to Facebook….

Miss Britt

So glad you had a happy date.

But… (heh)

People needing to take drugs to be happy?

Dude. This time last year I had a meltdown in the middle of DISNEYWORLD!! If you can’t stop crying at the happiest place on earth – you know you need some drugs. LOL

Karen Putz

Cheers to the happy day!

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