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Merry Christmas 2008

Christmas 2002: In which I was a wee baby blogger still.

Christmas 2003: In which I am reminded that I still haven’t started my wrapping this year.

Christmas 2004: In which we read A Visit from St. Nicholas.

Christmas 2005: In which you get good wishes and eye-rolling thoughts on homonyms.

Christmas 2006: In which it’s THAT post, the one where I rant about the bad Christmas songs.

More from Christmas 2006: In which there are very happy small children.

Christmas 2007: In which there are aquatic animals and giddiness.

More from Christmas 2007: In which the Royals get techy.

And finally from Christmas 2007: In which Santa shows up at the blood bank. Really.

And now Christmas 2008: In which I simply wish you merry, peaceful, joyful, love.


Hula Doula

Merry Christmas to you!!

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