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Welcome Home

Improv Anywhere is one of the forces for good in this world. They make people happy with surprises. Can any of us say that we do that enough?

And this latest is fantastic.

I’ll tell you a secret: every single time I take a flight home, some secret part of me, the part that still makes believe – that little part always hopes that I’ll have a surprise welcoming committee.

How amazing to actually do it for people!

I hope this makes you smile today. And maybe welcome someone, too. You don’t need balloons and signs to make someone feel that you’re happy that they’re there.



That should have been TEMPED not TEMPTED. Oy.


OMG I once tempted at this company for a while (like an entire summer)…and I worked with the guy who started improv everywhere…I think his name was Charlie. Maybe. This was a few years ago, so I forget. Too funny!


See, I just imagine going home to my loved ones after that and trying to explain what just happened.

And then maybe giving them a little good-natured ribbing that “perfect strangers brought me balloons and flowers, but do you ever do that? No.” 🙂

the slackmistress

And here I thought I was the only one with that dream. This is awesome!

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