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Okay, well – this feels sort of braggy. But honestly, if you can’t be braggy on your very own blog, where, then? So, here goes. This past week I gave two intro-to-social-media talks – first, to a chapter of the state association for women business owners, and then, at a friend’s medical education agency.

(I thought about whether or not to link to them here, but as I didn’t ask for their approval, I’m going to err on the side of not doing it. I can’t imagine they’d mind, but just in case.)

Anyway, honestly, it is truly just FUN to be talking about stuff that I think is interesting and important. But what’s made it even cooler are the emails that I’ve been getting.

I guess telling you about it might make me braggy. But honestly, I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me. And I wanted to share the happy.


Jane - Mom Generations

Am I even the least bit surprised? Rhetorical question! You rock everything you do!


Now will you believe me when I tell you you do excellent presentations, despite never having seen one?

Backpacking Dad

You are awesome :}

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