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Twitter: The Primer: Part II

Like last time, the impetus for this post was an ad for another long, pricey ($300, this time) seminar. So again, I’m offering answers to the selling points of a teleconference promising to tell you how public relations professionals can use Twitter. Two minutes, zero dollars.

But keep in mind that these resources – this post, these links, but everything else you see  too – are constantly becoming outdated. New information appears every day as we continue to figure out what this wacky world of Twitter can do!

How journalists use Twitter to interact with sources and generate story ideas and buzz:

Which outlets use Twitter to consistently post links to their online news stories:

How to find and contact PR-friendly journalists and editors on Twitter:

How to track media coverage and breaking news on Twitter:

Please add your favorites in the comments, too!


[…] Here’s a great blog post from Sarah Morgan showing journalists many posts about how to go about using Twitter. If you’re still not sure what Twitter’s all about, this is a great place to start. Filed Under: Circulation, Digital MagazinesTagged: […]

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