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Let’s Just Call It Tea “Partying”, Shall We?

(SFW but filled to the brim with innuendo.)

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you saw me post this video and mention how much I love the MSNBC scriptwriter who got away with this. (Rachel Maddow, also of MSNBC, also had a good time with her report.) And I was crying, I was laughing so hard watching it. But when you think about it, isn’t it sad, too? It’s stunning how out of touch these people are (and whether it’s the actual elected Republicans, or whether it’s Fox News, I can’t tell). But they’re pouring time and money into a campaign that is now pretty difficult to take seriously.

@danover called it a sign of the apocalypse.

@shoot_the_moon pointed out that it’s probably just because nobody would be the first to admit to knowing what the term meant. (Which, come on. It’s been on Regis & Kelly. Not exactly underground.)

But what I find sad is that nobody apparently had the nerve to tell the emperor he had no clothes. And when people who are trying to help our country don’t even have that – what do we have?



That’s just terrifying. I can’t believe they went that far with it. Making me happy and sad all at once that I don’t have cable!


Agreed, Matt. Precisely why I watch BBC World News America. Here’s their killer super edgy format: something happens, the reporter tells you what happened. It’ll blow your mind.


That’s too funny. Perhaps subconscious wishful thinking? Incidentally, there was such a “tea party” (yes, Fox – that’s what they’re called!) in Morristown that day. Whatever your political views, you have to admit – these people have too much time on their hands.

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Miss Britt

No, I’m sorry – this is hysterical.

And as I said last night – HOW in the heck is there not an intern or something in the Republican party that said “um… guys… uh… I don’t know PERSONALLY, ya know, but… um… I was in a frat with a guy.. um…”


Not you Sarah. That rant was directed towards news agencies.


This isn’t funny at all. This is what passes for “news”. One side saying “Nah-nah-na-nah-nah” at the other. This is what is wrong with this country. Grow the $%^& up and report some real news.

Julia Dalton

Is this for real? OMG hilarious. I cannot believe the writers got away with this.


That is painfully funny.


I just now watched that for the first time, even though I’ve seen it posted in several places. Hilarious!

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