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Follow Friday: Peter’s Food Adventures

Another in my occasional series of “people you should read” riffs on the Twitter #followfriday meme, I’m finding you a blogger or two that you should check out.

(BTW – If you don’t know what #followfriday is, check this great explanation by the frankly adorable AJ Vaynerchuk.)

Today: Peter’s Food Adventures.

If you live in the north-of-Philadelphia vicinity, you’ll like it specially, because he’s fairly local in his coverage, but even if you (like me) don’t, it’s still fun.

Most of the food blogs I’ve seen tend toward the pretentious, or at least the artsy. This is not that.

I used to work with Peter lo-these-many-years-ago and I love how clearly his actual voice comes through in the blog. Serious but funny – not silly just for the sake of making a joke, but always with an eye open to what’s good about life.

He’ll poll for your favorite culinary herb (tarragon, if you’re asking) but then he’ll have posts about hot dogs or his wife’s meatloaf. And that’s the thing – they all get the same treatment.

It reminds me to take food – all food – thoughtfully and appreciatively. You shouldn’t think to notice what you’re having only when you go to a posh restaurant or take all day to make a fancy meal. I love that.

And if you could use that too? Go read. Happy Friday!

(And have something tasty today.)


Peter Justason

Sarah, thanks for your kind words. I was joking on my blog that you are a great PR Professional if you can make my ramblings sound good. LOL. Your post has already resulted in your readers viewing my blog so let hope they enjoy it.

I enjoy your blog too. I like this window into your world and issues you are dealing with. It’s an inspiration to me and I bet others who read it.

Thanks again for the post and “Follow Friday” reco. I will return the favour.


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