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Sunday Roundup: Digitalia

I am wading slowly back into the social media realm, after being out of it for a month and a half, and so today’s update is brief. Two links; two suggestions. Plus one.

Link One. Feedly. Dear sweet baby Jesus, is this beautiful. It’s a reader, but it’s a completely elegant, friendly, perfect one. It is so lovely when things just WORK. Everything about this it is perfect.

Link Two. What Companies Should Know About Digital Natives. If you’re not one, read this. If you don’t know what a digital native is, definitely read this.

Suggestion One. Drop out. It was fascinating to be gone from social media, deliberately, for a month and a half. I used it occasionally, but I was away from the navel-gazing industry side, and that’s been so useful. It’s clarified what I care about, what I think is important, and made it so easy to pare off all the rest which, it turns out, I didn’t miss much. What can you take a break from, and how would that help you see what means the most to you?

Suggestion Two. Draft things. This blog has, at any point in time, between three and twelve draft posts saved. I’ll drop an idea in there when I don’t have time to write a full post about it. But what I’ve discovered is that, instead of a stopgap solution, it’s really a wonderful step. So many things end up being not worth it, not relevant, not interesting enough, not timely. I like to think this step spares you some of the junk. So before you knock something out this week, give it a little time and go back to it. You’ll probably see a new way to make it more concise or interesting.

Plus. The obvious suggestion. What are you doing reading this on a beautiful summer Sunday? Go get your bare toes in the grass.


Neil Crump

Spend my weekend with toes in the grass (simultaneously avoiding sheep poo!!!) following a weekend in the fresh air of the countryside. Good tip about saving blog drafts to come back to – never thought of doing it and now I will. Neil :+)


Just try it – they’re really just totally different. I haven’t stopped using Google Reader altogether yet, but I can definitely see myself doing so.

Tommy M

So Feedly vs Google Reader? I use Google Reader everyday, multiple times. Does Feedly blow it away?

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