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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 170-172

Other Mes have been getting the usual Cris Angel-approved chain letters. But also getting invited to church get-togethers – so I guess somehow cosmically that evens out? And to Mary’s birthday party. A lovely busy summer all around for everyone.

* * *

From: Carlotta
Subject: Holy Family’s Women Connection

Dear Sarah,

My name is Carlotta and I am a member of Holy Family Parish. Cambria informed me that you and your husband are new parishioners and being so, you were looking for ways that you can get involved with the church as well as meet some new women of the parish. She also said she mentioned to you about The Women’s Connection, a ministry that was formed to get women of the parish connected in spiritual as well as social activities.

I was wondering if you would be interested in joining our board to help plan events and get togethers? We currently have 10 ladies, along with Cambria as our advisor, and would love to add you to our table. But first I would think you have questions about meetings and time needed on this, etc. so I would be happy to call you and answer questions and explain what we have done and what we have planned for the next coming year. Our calendar is already prepared and will be going out under our web site soon.

I think you might find this ministry one with opportunities for spiritual as well as social growth, so I am hoping to hear from you soon and welcome to our Holy Family community.

Women’s Connection Chairman

* * *

From: Norah
To: Susan, Neeley, Sarah, Marisol, Marisa, Christie, Allison, Kim, Amy
Subject: Mary’s Birthday!

Mary will be turning 27 this Friday so I wanted to get everyone together to celebrate! Mary wants to go to Twist so we are planning on going this Thursday @ 7pm! Please let me know if you can come!



Neil Crump

Sarah – I hope that the Actual You is also having as fun and action packed summer as the Other Yous – Neil :+)


When I saw in my RSS Feed that you had a new entry up, I thought “I bet it’s Mistaken Identity. Yay!” I love that you’ve found a way to turn what most people would find a nuisance into something entertaining.

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