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The New Rules

(No, nothing about calling at least three days ahead. Actually useful stuff.)

We’ve discussed that I, as a geek, read Wired. But what we haven’t discussed is how much I’m in love with the August issue.

Although I don’t like the cover. One of my best friends was with me when I got my mail and said, “who is that?”, witnessing with a despairing shake of the head both my ignorance and this cover’s badness.

Because the cover is Brad Pitt. Inexplicably fake-sweaty and furrowed-browed and bare-chested in a leather jacket, gold necklace, goatee and Bluetooth headset. (Maybe in Inglourious Basterds he plays a vaguely skeezy and confused Best Buy shopper? I don’t know. It’s Tarantino.)

Anyway. Inside the issue is the point. Inside the issue is How to Behave: The New Rules for Highly Evolved Humans. A Scientific Approach to 21st Century Predicaments. It’s a how-to list for everything social-media-ish. My favorites include:

And best yet: Don’t work all the time. You’ll live to regret it.

Go read the article; you’ll adore it. And honestly, if everyone followed these rules, there would be almost nothing to complain about in terms of people and technology.**

As a bonus, the online article has extra goodies in the “Torrent” section that aren’t in the print article.

Required reading. Scoot.

* I realize I am being semi-hypocritical on this point since I’m talking about this article a couple weeks late.

** This is not entirely true. My dad would still call back every cell phone call that doesn’t leave a message.


Sarah Morgan

What a talented journalist must have written such pithy, incisive prose!

(Incidentally, I’ve always wondered: is it hard to change your “voice” for different publications? It seems like it would be.)

Re: the article itself, though, I disagree with Tim in like sixty-eleven ways.

One, most FB’ers don’t know their info is being monetized.

Two, FB shouldn’t buy Twitter.

Three, Facebook shouldn’t figure out news, because then nobody will ever go anywhere else and our brains will rot into mush.

And sixty-eleven, which is actually disagreeing with you and not Tim, the most annoying Facebook app is actually Mob Wars.



You know what else is AWESOME about that issue? The Q&A with the guy who invented the most annoying Facebook app ever, Living Social (better known as 5 Faves).


Miss Britt

My favorite:

“Never Unfollow Someone Just Because They Unfollowed You”

That should be on fortune cookies everywhere.


They had Best Buy in Nazi Germany? Even Tarantino wouldn’t go that far.


“I don’t know. It’s Tarantino.”

Hilarious – and true! That’s exactly how I feel about Tarantino too!

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