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Uphill! Both Ways!

I have a totally old person question here.

It seems to be common if you’re under 18 and female to write with extra repetitions of the last letter of your words.

Like omggggg this wld be a rlly great exampleee rite hereee.

I get the txtspeak. Not a problem. But wherefore with these last letters? If you’re trying to type the way that it sounds when you talk then it’d be “omg I cant belieeeve it”. So why does it end up “believeee”?

I am officially old. I can speak kid, but I don’t get it. And you know what I miss?

When there was a time before Facebook and Twitter and text messaging and IM at work. When you would shoot pithy little emails back and forth and try to crack each other up with them. Is that weird? To be homesick for an outdated mode of electronic communication?

(Especially one that doesn’t have lots of extra letttersss at the ends of random wordsss?)

Where’s my ear trumpet? You kids get off my lawn.



The whole “text speak” thing is really only about 4 or 5 years old or so at the very most. I got my first cell phone that could text around maybe 3 or 4 years ago. Before 2003, pretty much no one had even heard of “texting.” So it’s not like we’re talking about ancient times or a “generation” ago. Only a few years.

It’s lame. I don’t know why people have to misspell every other freaking word either, or add extra letters.

I text sometimes, but I’m not hooked on it. Email is fine.

Tommy M

I still IM and email people with tons of periods at the end of statements for some reason….. is that someone from “our generation”?

Steve Woodruff

You reeeeeeally hit the nail on the head with this one. Maybe we need to shame these youngsters with the guilt of increasing their “character footprint”, which will lead to Network Warming ™.


I get ya.

I still email back and forth with a few friends because none of us are allowed IM programs at work or Facebook access and they’re not on Twitter (I know! shock! horror!). I love getting the one line emails between work stuff and stress.

If that makes me old, well shift over and share the damn ear trumpet!

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