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Follow Friday: Zen Habits

(You may have noticed that my Follow Fridays are not usually about people in my industries or in social media. That’s deliberate. I think we all need to think about things besides work. And I think these people are saying things worth reading.)

Leo Babuta writes Zen Habits, which labels itself as “Simple Productivity”. A friend introduced me to it about a year ago, and I’ve been tremendously grateful ever since.

He is not a monk. Nor is his blog one of those productivity-factory GTD nightmares. It’s just simple, thoughtful ways to consider in order to make your life better.

I’d write more about it, but I think that would be self-contradictory. Just give it a try and see if reading Leo’s work helps your life. I suspect it will.



I’ve been thinking about the book Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance…haven’t read it in college but I love the central tenet of the question of defining quality. Been thinking a lot about that both professionally and personally…what is it that quality actually means.


This post couldn’t have come at a better time as my daughter who heads up her company’s Washington DC PR firm is stressing and hopefully this will put some things into perspective. Thanks for the post.

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