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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 194-196

Clothing ads and miscellany, but also an interesting new fact:

One of the Other Me’s lives on Lovegrove Walk.

Isn’t that a delightful name? I imagine a quiet street of brick houses with trained ivy up the sides and box hedges bordering the front yards.

However, good news; money’s on the way. Not to me, but still:

* * *
From: BQ
Subject: Childrens Society 00008EED

BACS Remittance
The Children’s Society
Edward Rudolf House, Margery Street, London WC1X 0JL

FAO Accounts Department
Creditor ID: CMOR053
Payment No: 339313
Reference: REMIT000000000040577
Total Amount: £36.20

These monies will be in your account three working days from the date of this remittance.

* * *

From: Victoria
Subject: date of christmas fayre

That date is fine in nov. The christmas excitement starts in November anyway and it will probably the first santa of the year so will be very exciting for them all. Vicky Tomlinson X

* * *


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