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The Matt Hall Questions: Organization

What’s this all about? Who’s Matt Hall? Go see the first one, on blogging. Then the second, on Twitter. Then the third, with more on Twitter.

What is your preferred chaos when it comes to organization? Are you a Google apps user? Do you have a Crackberry? Do you wish you had an iPhone? A Pre? Do you use software like Evernote?

Three things (that the actual Matt Hall already knows) provide the disclaimer for all that follows.

One, I am tactile. I need hugs, I dislike itchy clothing, and nothing is more soothing to me than drawing, mixing dough, yoga – peaceful motion. I need delicious, smooth paper and my fountain pen.

Two, I am a magpie and a geek, and I love shiny little technologies.

Three, I am an organization LUNATIC. I straighten supermarket shelves without realizing what I’m doing, I Freecycle religiously, and the neatness of my desk is an office joke. I disappointed myself this weekend because I realized I had run out of things to declutter. Partly it’s that I’m forgetful, and partly it’s that I have awful eyesight, but if everything has one place where it belongs, and it’s always there, life is just so much easier.

So here’s what works for me to organize my thoughts: actual paper, shiny buttons, and minimalism.

Here’s how it shakes out.

I would also add that in addition to all this, you need a way to get the other stuff out of your head. Blog, journal, therapy, all of the above – whatever. If organizing is hard, make sure that that isn’t because you’re trying to force your brain away from what it needs to be thinking about.

So that’s my madness.

What’s the one organization that saves your life?

* The INSTANT that iPhone shows up on Verizon, I will have one in my hot little hands. Tactile, organizational, beautiful, simple. >drool<



My Mac + my iTouch (which I desperately want to upgrade to an iPhone.) I am so much better with anything that needs to hit the mail and contacts due to the contacts, docs, pics, etc.

I need a new planner. Paper works best for me, too. (Besides, how can you make lists without them? You don’t get satisfaction of crossing things off.


i have this planner and find that it is helpful for the notes i need to take at work. i recommend it!

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