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And that, my friends, is my new favorite word. So here’s some for you.


[…] favourite blogger (Sarah Morgan) recently wrote a post under the title of ‘Gallimauffry’ which I have to agree with her […]

Megan B

I think the Track 6 Theory hearkens back to ye olden days of the cassettes (or even records, I guess). Wasn’t track 6 usually the last song on the first side (or thereabout)? In that case, I would think you would want to end a side with a really “strong” song.

Neil Crump

That is THE best word in the world. So pleased to hear that Henry is loving his Mom.


Blue Raspberry, there’s your problem. Always go for Cherry. Unless it’s the White Cherry (which is BULLSHIT, how’m’Is’posed’ta turn my tongue red, I ask you!) in which case, just skip it.


I pretty much cry everytime I hear that song too. I wonder if that will ever change….


Slurpees.. I forgot I haven’t had one since 1996.

I might go for a coke one this weekend.

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