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Sunday Roundup: $25,000 Pyramid-Style

The inside of a refrigerator.
Things that are cold?
A full bathtub.
Things that are white?
The dishwasher door.
Things that are appliances?
Inside a tumbling pile of cables and speakers.
Things that could electrify you?
Under the covers in the middle of the night.
Places you didn’t expect to find a small cat!

Running, tae kwon do, yoga.
Writing, current clients, new clients.
Business trips, fun trips, having friends over.
Things that have kept you from blogging!

The landscapers blowing out the underground sprinkler lines.
Signs that you live in the suburbs?
The highways full of winterized boats going home.
Signs that you live near the coast?
Neighbors jumping in the leaf piles.
An extra hour of sleep on Saturday night.
Signs that it’s officially fall!

Happy. Peaceful. Relaxing. Productive.
What you’re hoping fall will be!


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