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The Taylor Lautner Referendum

Useful for straight women and gay men over the age of 20.

Argument: It is completely okay to consider Taylor Lautner hot, because he is, in point of fact, really hot.

Rebuttal: It is not okay, possibly illegal, and definitely icky.

Key point: This video is from 2005.

Verdict: It is totally, totally not okay.

(Why yes, I am procrastinating.)



I might say that my distaste for all things Twilight kills the hawt for me, but I sense I might be in the wrong crowd, so I’ll just say he is a boy. And I prefer men 🙂


I am a believer that we can count down until he’s 18.

Because he is really hot.

i am an icky old lady with a kid. I know.


But he was a total badass even as a kid. He could take on any one of those vampires…so now do we behave like some of our guy friends have done over the years and wait for him to turn 18 and then we can think he’s hot? Remember the countdown for the Olsens, etc.? Oy. Boys.


I’m with you. He’s totally hot. And it’s totally not ok, especially on review of Exhibit B.

Sarah Morgan

You and me both, lady.


Sarah…wahhh….now I feel all icky!

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