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I’ve got a few invites to give away, so if you want one, give me your favorite beach in the comments and I’ll give out what I’ve got.

(Get it… wave… ocean… beach… what can I say, it’s a grey November day and I’m daydreaming.)


Sarah Morgan

None that I can find. I wish!

Neil Crump

Hi Sarah – have had a minor play with GW – are there any big conversations going on? I am desperate to see it in action like the demos – I cannot work out how add a robot / use the extensions – but hey early days. N (dreaming of Fistral) :+)

Sarah Morgan

All the invites are doled out. Google says they make take a while. I hope everybody who got one enjoys them!

The lovely Claudene asked what my favorite beach is, but I can’t decide… so I’ve got a top three.

La Grande-Motte because it was my first time in the Mediterranean.

Paradise Island because it was the first time I realized how blue water could really be.

Island Beach State Park in the winter. It’s like being inside a faded photo – the grasses and sand and water and sky all drained of color. It’s gorgeous – austere and peaceful.

Sarah Morgan

I think I might like this answer very best of all 🙂


Any beach where I have some wine and my family and best friends… so, Rehoboth this summer?? =)


Ah, seems it didn’t write my email. Just in case, it’s [email protected]



My favorite beach is East Coast Park in Singapore. My uncle lived nearby and we’d go watch him wind-surf every summer vacation. There’s amazing food cooked right on the beach, white beaches, weather that’s either gorgeous or awe-inspiring (there’s nothing like watching tropical thunderstorms on a stormy sea from a thatched hut), and that wonderful sense of nostalgia.

Paul Cornies

Our favourite beach is Kiawah Island, South Carolina. Our family has gone there 12 times during our Canadian March Break in mid March. It features a 10 mile hard packed sandy beach which is ideal for biking. We weave along the multimillion dollar homes and pretend we are rich for a week. The ocean surf and tangy salt air are incredible for winter weary vacationers who want a hint of spring that time of year.

Sarah Morgan

Thoughtful AND complimentary all at once. Best readers ever, have I!

Sarah Morgan

The only comment that made me laugh out loud. Fantastic, as ever, Neil.

Neil Crump

My fav is Fistral in Cornwall in the UK. Full of surfers :+)


Hey again,
It’s the Michael from above (the West Wittering one, not the other one). I got an invite for it earlier in the day, so don’t waste one on me! =) thank you very much though. Your blog looks really interesting, so I’m going to follow it because you look like a super interesting person who writes very nicely!


Anywhere in the Bay Islands in Honduras! Or maybe Zanzibar. Or Thailand… do I really need to choose just one?


My favourite beach is West Wittering beach in the UK. It’s near Bournemouth and on the south coast. There are lovely sand dunes, a calm sea that goes out so far, and is the only beach I know that is just as fun in the rain as in the sun. And more so, there aren’t any horrid shops =) only barbecues in the wind.

Michael Veale
[email protected]


my favorite beach is Hanakapiai Beach on the island of Kauai.

patti digh

definitely Tybee Island. definitely.

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