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Personal Branding… and Stupidity

I recently read 10 Ways to Get Fired For Building Your Personal Brand and have one thing to tell you.

Don’t. Be. Stupid.

Social media engagement is not mandatory. Accept that you have to make a decision about where you want your lines between personal and professional to be drawn. Where you want different groups to collide. You can put that line wherever you want – no online presence at all, lifestreaming, anything in between. But make no mistake, this is a decision. Even if you decide not to draw that line, that is a decision.

As you make that choice, though, realize this. The people you don’t think are looking? They are. Know that, and be okay with it.

(Hi there, people that I don’t realize are reading this.)

I’ve always said that “social media outs the good”. And it does. Just don’t. be. stupid.


Paul C

Social media involves so many venues, so many decisions about what to keep private and what public. For a younger person in particular these decisions are strategically important as you say. Your online identity needs careful consideration every step of the way. Well put.

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I’m fairly ignorant about the workings of social media. But I will remember your suggestion here. 🙂

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