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Favorite Things: January

After drafting this post, I realized I was copying the fabulous Neil and his “Loved Stuff” columns. I persist, hoping that he will recognize this to be the very sincerest form of flattery.

So now. What’s making your January?


Sarah Morgan

You’re fabulous. Happy birthday and enjoy those cookies!


Yay!!! I got a shout out! I love being shouted outed!

Rocking my January? Well, that would be ‘me’. I am rocking my January. But in a good way, not an ugly, self-centered way. As I type, my 40th year of life is in it’s infancy… and this month I have decided that this year is the year to learn how to “be” not just how to “do”. It’s all about readjusting so the tail doesn’t wag the dog any more and all that.

Also… My January, like the several months before it, is still being rocked with a little batch here and a little batch there of chocolate chip cookies…. only the drops of chocolate taste like love and they have NO calories in them!! 😀

Sarah Morgan

I love this. Also, that tiny person.


What’s making my January is the fact that I am celebrating 1 year living with this itty bitty person who is the messiest roommate I have ever had, who never pays rent, throws food, licks windows, throws up, always needs a ride, tortures my cat and needs to be changed regularly.

I’m never kicking her out… And I can’t believe it’s been a year.


That book is wonderful and I’m sad that I wasn’t the one to turn you on to it (unless, do you have my copy? I’m not sure where it is?).

I’ve said this before to you, but Chuck on NBC is making my January just delightful and anyone who hasn’t checked it out yet should watch this show.

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