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Favorite Things: February

I’m not usually a big music person, but I keep finding myself listening to country, ’40s, and Christian rock.* That said, I’m stuck on some songs that aren’t any of those. And a few other things besides.

What’s making your February?

* My musical taste? “Eclectic”. Or, “Anything But Those Three”. **
** Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Pink Floyd. ***
*** Yes, I’m a Philistine. Don’t care.



I know this has nothing to do with music, but it’s definitely making MY February that I get to see you soon!! Yay!


I find I have a Pavlovian response to doing the dishes that causes me to sing “Say Hey” to myself. As soon as I start sudsing the sponge and my mind wanders, it is always the first song that pops into my head. Weird.

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