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I’ve tried an awful lot of exercise, but I fell in love with tae kwon do. I am clumsy, shy, not terribly confrontational, and I hate like poison to have people watch me doing anything – yet it hooked me completely. And I love yoga, although patience and doing one thing at a time don’t come naturally to me. And now I love running, despite being patently rotten at it.

On the other hand, if you told me all I could do was step aerobics, I’d never exercise again. And I’d rather get flu than go bowling. And why some adults of their own volition rejoin that hell known as dodgeball baffles me utterly.

So, this trifecta works perfectly, if improbably, for me – and finding the right ones was tremendously important. I’m learning that this is true of many things.

Managing my money, for instance. I’ve tried paper ledgers, cash in envelopes, a variety of online services, borrowing other people’s budgeting methods, reading books after books. Turns out I just had to fiddle around until I found my own method. Now, I’ve got a dual-worksheet spreadsheet in the cloud, and while it might not work for anybody else, I finally have a budget that is not only a delight to use, but is making a huge difference.

You can learn a lot from the way other people do something, but when you really want it to work for you, you have to play around until you find what clicks for you. Remember Goldilocks, and respect your individuality. Don’t worry if it’s not how You’re Supposed To Do It. Just do what works.

What do you do that is just right for you, but might not work for anyone else?


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