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The conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, Benjamin Zander, did a marvelous talk on classical music at TED in 2008. Except it isn’t really about classical music. It’s about passion and possibility. It’s about how to teach. How to know if what you do matters. How to know what’s important.

“We all know where home is,” he says. He’s talking about a feeling in a piece of music – but it makes you realize that we have so many moments like that.

What makes you know you’re home? And have you realized that that’s one of the things that truly matter?

Not power. Not in the traditional sense. Power isn’t the most money or toys or check-boxes checked off. Power isn’t about who you get to boss around.

As he explains it, and as I believe with my whole heart….

Power is about making others powerful. Power is the ability to make people’s eyes shine.

And his last words – well, I won’t tell you, because I want you to go watch it. But what a goal to reach for. What a possibility to live into.

Go and watch it, or even just read it. I think you’ll be happy you did.


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