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Finish Me Anonymously: It’s a Fine Line

As I’ve said before, I’ve never liked Pearl Jam. I always thought that cover of “Last Kiss” was the one exception, but now, I’ve liked “Rise” enough to look it up. Guess who it’s by. Darn you, Eddie Vedder, you stringy-haired man in plaid. Discovery Channel commercials for “Deadliest Catch,” I blame you.

…While I’m at it, I like the theme of “Life,” too. But does it strike anyone else that the tagline is “Life is brought to you by Target”? Isn’t that extreme? Can one store really sponsor existence? (Although, in my case, way too accurate. Target is a money pit.)

…Anyway. Who knew you could buy the soundtrack to a reality show about Alaskan fishermen? The world is just awesome.

ANYWAY. My point is less about music (or Discovery Channel or Target) and more about caprice.

It’s an odd feeling when you realize that you’re enjoying something you’ve professed to hate. It’s almost a feeling of disloyalty to yourself. Like you accidentally just cheated on your own preferences.

Then there’s a bit of embarrassment. Because now people are going to be all accusingly “but I thought you hated that color/place/person/food” and you’re going to have to eat your words. But there are worse meals. I mean, if you spent life (brought to you by Target!) never learning anything, what fun would that be?


I always thought I hated…


Jose Bay

Yeah Sarah, PJ were marketed as underground, grunge & relatively unmelodic when they hit it big. But hey: that’s the power of spin doctors & PR machines putting consumers/voters all at bay.

If you manage to listen to some of Eddie Vedder’s quite tracks, along with his more acoustic mid tempo stuff – PJ & EV pull out a rabbit’s trick of sounding timeless & Beatlesque.

So Ms. Morgan, count me in as a person who thought he hated 2 chord, sheep sounding musicians in PJ/EV – but now discovering something in them that only age & experience can make up for.

Nice of you to mention Target & other department store music. I’ve discovered a many artists through their loud blared out speakers, some became my ultra favourites too.

”Professed to hate” you say, crisp consciousness clarity words they are! I despise The Jonas Brothers & could write a masters degree on why. Finish/kill me off anonymously if at 5o I nudge & like them!


“Bones” on Fox. I thought it was a silly version of law and Order. Holy crow, was I wrong.

Also, classic books we had to read in high school, licorice flavored tea, and peanut butter fluff sandwiches.

Jane - Mom Generations

Miley Cyrus. And then I secretly bought The Climb on iTunes.

*runs away in shame*


Dave Matthews Band. HATED them when everyone was jumping on the bandwagon like sheep. Probably why I hated them. But other than the annoying lead vocals, I realized that the musicians are outstanding. So, I have to swallow my pride and say, yes, I’m now a fan. Baaa.

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