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Sunday Roundup: One-Liners

Odd stops on my train of thought, not long enough for their own posts. Anything worth riffing on here?

Flash mobs only work because of YouTube, which only works because of Flip cameras.

Corn is probably not meant to come in flake form. In fact, food should probably not come in flakes at all.

Suits have moved from a symbol of status to one of petition – worn by salesmen, interviewees and plaintiffs.

Infants get their parents to bond by using tactics outlawed by the Geneva Convention.


Sarah Morgan

Josie: three bowls of fiber flakes? Never wise!!

But really. CORN. Corn on the cob, corn stalks – what about this says “make flakes out of me”? We don’t flake any of our other vegetables, do we? Tomato flakes? Celery flakes?

Yum Yucky

uh oh. You mention flakes. And now I’m hungry for fiber flakes. But not 3 bowls like last time. Please, no. That would be just….wrong.


Well, Barney Stinson might disagree with your statement about suits… but I think there’s truth to your statement that suits are not really a sign of status anymore. (Didn’t it used to be that women looked for a man who wore suits? You don’t really hear that much anymore.) But regardless of what we look for in a man, what I have to wonder is, if suits truly are no longer the status symbol they once were, then when will it become passe to wear suits to interviews? And when will interviewers no longer rank candidates on this issue?

Here’s a random thought for you:
Whose job is it to name hurricanes and tropical storms and how do I get that job?

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