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Sunday Roundup: Tumblr Edition

Generally speaking, I don’t like Tumblr (or Tumblr-style) blogs. They’re like the Cheetos of the blog world. Little substance, cheesy appearance, favored by hipsters.

That said, here are three I DO love:

Hot Guys Reading Books Um, yup. It’s that simple.

Shit My Kids Ruined Schadenfreude at its best. It’s visual birth control.

Vending Spree Reviews of every item in an office vending machine. Oddly compelling.


Sarah Morgan

Does anyone actually GIVE a kid a Sharpie?

And yes, hot guys reading books makes me happy 🙂


I liked shit my kid ruined — but seriously, who gives a kid a sharpie??

Being the oldest, i guess I learned to hide all my stuff at the tender age of 6.


Love that hot guys reading books one!

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