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Mistaken Identity: Episode 290-338

Goodness, we’ve got a giant backload here of I’ve gotten instead of it going to one or another of the Other Me’s! Here’s a dump:

* * *

Deborah has sent no less than ten emails, increasingly frantic, to me. Who is not her little sister. Despite her protestations otherwise. Things seem to be pretty awkward, though, since my first polite “Sorry, you intended this for someone else, I’m not your sister” was met with: “no shit sherlock, we havent been a family since..well i cant remember, if thats the way you wanna leave it..let it be. i still love you and always will. Love your big sis”. Yikes.

And a couple of weeks later, after “please call im worried if your ok, if you dont im calling janet to check on you”, I suggested that she should call, as then she would then get to communicate with her actual sister. But in particular I hope she called her on her birthday, a few weeks after that. Since I got the card.

* * *

California Other Me offered to update their grade school website – but when I corrected Claudia and Lauralyn about their mis-sent email, they thought she was just trying to get out of doing the work.

* * *

One of the Other Me’s in Tacoma has begun visiting an acupuncturist. I hope the new intake forms weren’t too difficult – once she got them – and that she really enjoyed her first appointment – once she got the confirmation.

One of them is also participating in Puget Sound Energy’s (PSE) Weatherization Program. Whatever that is.

* * *

And fabulously, another person afflicted with Mistaken Identities got in touch with me! Jennifer has been dealing with this way back to 1997. The article is great, but I loved her addition: “My favorite was actually – no lie – that a friend came out of the closet to her. Talked about finally going on real dates with men… ‘no more furtive groping in dark parking lots’. In my original version of this piece, I think I made a joke about cutting him off because I wasn’t comfortable with his lifestyle, but USA Weekend was too tame for that. 😉 “ Finally, someone who truly understands the restraint required to NOT mess with people’s lives!

* * *

Oh, and a picture of Bella. Nope, no idea why.



Sarah Morgan

They’re all emails that come to me, Britt! There are a lot of people with email addresses that are very, very similar to my Gmail address. So similar that sometimes they’re the ones who give it out wrong themselves!

Miss Britt

I haven’t quite figured out how this happens to you. Like – you get emails or Facebook messages or mail or something??? SO strange.

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