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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 384-402

Junk mail from Editors Keys, a quick conversation with one of the two UK Other Me’s – this one also in PR, but in London – and pictures of this Ted Baker leather jacket from Nikki:

* * *

Possibly for the other UK Other Me, a LOT of school email from Kerry, the extremely efficient secretary of the Parents Association, in which is discussed the Harvest Festival at St. Luke’s (where “our kids are doing a number about a Combine Harvester” – ???), the Second Hand Uniform Sale, the Cake Sale, the Wrapping Paper Sale, the Creche at the Vicarage, the Toy Fair, the Gift Fair, the Fireworks, the Samaritan Christmas Shoe Boxes, and much more. It’s exhausting just to read about it all.

* * *

From: Dianne
Re: Bark Busters Canada

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your inquiry. I’ve been unable to make contact with you and have left a few messages via phone. Here is my direct contact number 613-443-4310,

Feel free to call me at your convenience so I may answer questions and explain how we can help you and your dog.

Certified Behavior Therapist & Trainer

(…who knew that you could have so many letters after your name for being a dog trainer? Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers, I got, but DGST? “DoG, SiT!”? )

* * *

From: David
Re: Please pray for the infirmary
(I think he means infirm, but I don’t want to make fun, because I love the way he closes. What a powerful thought it is.)

Hi Sons and Daughters,

This is your “desperate dad” asking that you please up hold you family in Chile in prayer. We had Andrea throwing up all last night, and now Mom has been doing the same all day today. I delegated my responsibilities with our men’s Bible Study to my partner tonight, Hernan ( our church musician and pianist), and asked him to cover the bases so I could come home to be with the sick ones.

Andrea has not lost it since about 6:30 AM, and Mom has been “mas o menos” since about 4:00 PM today.

Thanks for your prayers!! Especially intercede for Andrea, because this is the THIRD illness she has had in about 6 or 7 weeks.

I am thinking of you all each one with your work, your duties and your studies. Remember to live this day for God’s glory. It’s the only thing that counts past the sunset.


Cruz Almeyda 1389
Santiago, Chile
* * *

From: Genevieve
Re: 20% off your Registry!

Hello Sarah,

Beginning September 30th to October 3rd, Bloomingdale’s will be taking 20% off of almost everything at the Registry! We begin preselling for this event on September 22nd. We will redeem this coupon at the register or it can be redeemed if individuals would like to purchase items via phone.

This would be a perfect opportunity for your friends and family to purchase something off of your registry. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!

Genevieve [REDACTED]
Bridal Consultant

(For serious, Atlanta Other Me is either independently wealthy or has a shopping PROBLEM.)

* * *

(Either way, she is hard at work planning that wedding. Massage Envy, Avalon Catering, and this:)

From: Tim
Re: printing

Hi Sarah,

I’m not sure if you received my reply last night. We have a lot of paper choices for you, it just turned out that Taylor found something else she liked. We also can set the files up for you, but it would be good to meet and take a look at your plans.
My office is located at [REDACTED]


FSC Certified Chain of Custody Printer
The mark of responsible forestry
© 1996 Forest Stewardship Council A.C.

* * *

Do you think this is her?

* * *

From: Vicki
Re: Dan

Do you remember Dan [REDACTED]?  He was complaining cuz all the girls he meets his age already have kids.  I told him you don’t and you just moved back to Indiana.  He remembers you.  If you are interested in going out with him, you can call his cell at [REDACTED], or give me yours and I’ll give it to him.  I looked for you on facebook to tell you, but couldn’t find you and Jessi said she couldn’t find you either, but that you use to have it.  So hope this is your right email address!  Your mom was trying to tell it to me by memory at Walmart one night ;)  I think Dan’s dad is the head of the graphic design dept. at IUP and his mom is a teacher at Marion Center.  Let me know if you get this so I know if it is the right email address, otherwise I’ll have to try to call you 😉


(…after I told Vicki I wasn’t the girl she wanted to set up…)

Thank you for letting me know. Guess I’m going to have to look her up and call her then 😉 I know her middle name is Morgan and that is why her mom thought that was her email address, but she probably has a # after it or something because sarahmorgan was already taken. Thanks again.


* * *

Thank you for joining The Baby Directory!
The Baby Directory to me
show details 8:59 PM (19 hours ago)
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Dear Sarah,

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