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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 403-412

Atlanta Other Me signed me up for missives from Avalon Catering, and I can’t get rid of Massage Envy Atlanta no matter how hard I try.

Cali Other Me won the Dons Mobile Glass and DMG Tire & Automotive Services Gift Basket.

New England Other Me is getting current-event calendars.

Dorothea wants one of the UK Other Mes to be her friend on FanBox.

Minneapolis Other Me got an interview for an office manager job at JAMF. Provided they eventually emailed the right person.

An Other Me and Tina have donated $20 to Mike’s Boosterthon Fun Run.

And somebody’s a Raving Fan of Miller’s Ale House chain of restaurants.

(Incidentally, you know what I’m a Raving Fan of? NOT GETTING OTHER PEOPLE’S JUNK MAIL.)

And finally, a little note from Tessa:

From: Tessa (police officer in the West Midlands)
To: Rachel, Joanne, Lisa, Other Me

hope you are all well. where does the time go only 10 weeks till xmas……
apologies but i am on lates next wed 3 x 12 oh and nights tomo such joy…
hope to see you all soon, enjoy your get together

Tess XX


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