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Easy Come, Easy Go

You know what I’ve got to do – what I think we’ve all got to do? Stop doing things just because they’re easy.

Yes, it feels nice to check something off your list. It really does. So sometimes I find myself putting things on the list just because they’re easy to do. Or, even if I don’t go as far as writing them down, I’ll still do them just because they’re easy things to get done.

You know what’s easier? Not doing them at all and working on something more important instead.

Think about how many things you read online. Would you still if you had to go to a library or a bookstore, or even just go to the trouble of picking up a book and paging through it to find it? Often, no.

Would you subscribe to a celebrity’s fan club? No? Then why do you follow them on Twitter? It’s not because you care enough. It’s just because it’s easy.

Too much is too easy these days, methinks. But if you look hard, I think you’ll see what I’m noticing. Very little of the easy stuff is stuff that matters.


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