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The Best Gift Ideas Anywhere*

As you do your Christmas shopping, consider some Eleganza for the gentlemen in your life. Because, you see, Things Happen When You Wear Eleganza.**

Or, if the men on your list are a little more Anti-Establishment – so much so, perhaps, that they are not only against that particular shirt, but eschew all upper-body coverings in general – why not honor that tendency with some Anti-Establishment Post-Grad Slacks? Now with Talon Zipper!***

If these haven’t been enough for you, check out the whole Who Shot the Couch? collection at Visual News. If only for the Men in Belted Sweaters.

* Not a guarantee.

** Exactly what might happen in Eleganza remains unknown. But it would have to be something pretty excessive if that collar was involved.

*** Um, ouch?


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