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Happy New Year

My cousin Amy used to give years names. Not like “Sam” or “Harry”. And not like in China with the year of the horse and all that. But like “The Year of Sex and Awesomeness”. Like that. And while that particularly example might be a lot to live up to, I was talking last winter about what a great idea christening the year is, and the ever-brilliant Kristi suggested that 2010 be The Year of Sarah.

And so it was. It was a joke to me, at first. But now that I’m looking back, Kristi put me on a good path and the year proved it to me. And I realized the power of surrounding myself with good things and positivity, that make me happy, not guilty or confused or run down – and help me do more than I would have ever thought possible. I realized that I don’t need to feel bad about changing my life in those ways to make things happen.

I don’t know exactly what 2011 will hold yet, but I do know this: the more I can remember to be, to breathe, to feel, to appreciate and to love, the better it will be.

Happy New Year!


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