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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 428-433

The L. E. Phillips Memorial Library of Eau Claire, WI has told Other Me in no uncertain terms that her return of the “Madeleine’s Great Adventures” DVD was incomplete and will result in a replacement charge of $12.99 if not returned by Jan. 17.

* * *

U.K. Other Me has booked several double rooms at the Holiday Inn in Birmingham City Centre for next weekend. There’s one for herself, one for Mark, one for Adam, and one for – John Smith?

Is U.K. Other Me up to shady shenanigans with pseudonymic hotel rooms?

* * *

Lisa the pet-sitter thought that Other Me might like to see the snowfall in Monmouth County, NJ from the Boxing Day Blizzard.

Does that mean there’s an Other Me in my very own state?



Funny story…googled myself and came upon this blog. Just thought I’d say hello, one ‘Sarah Morgan’ to another 🙂


your mistaken identity posts are my favorite….you and your Other Me’s live such extraordinary lives…

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