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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 434-443

L.A. Other Me has had a birthday! I know this because her cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ray Partovy, sent a card. How L.A.

San Diego Other Me is planning a bash of her own, but this one isn’t till late June, in the downstairs lounge at Jimmy Loves.

Estee sent an abstract to West Virginia Other Me outlining her proposed work in visual rhetoric. It sounds fascinating. I hope WVOM enjoyed it after she got over her terrible cold.

One of the U.K. Other Me’s keeps making appointments at the Exeter Apple store in the Princesshay complex. Unfortunately, I’m the one getting the Genius Bar confirmations, so I don’t think her computer’s getting fixed. Perhaps if she learned her own email address she could work a computer better.

Another Other Me is shopping Kohl’s sales again. I bet it’s the Atlanta one. Girl is a shopaholic.

An Other Me – or, hopefully, her child – lost the password to their Wizard101 account. (Which, if you’ll remember, they created late last month.) Thanks, Merle Ambrose, Headmaster, Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Has Jo Rowling sued you yet?

And finally, this peculiarity, which may or may not be for Actual Me (the link doesn’t work):


New Years Sarah has sent you an e-Card from Graffiti Pictures World Wide, Street Art Gallery. You can view your card here:

And you can email New Years Sarah directly at [email protected]



Sarah Morgan

I know, I wanted to see it too!


I can’t see the graffiti e-card! I’m dying to know what it was a photo of. Especially since I am probably one of the few people you know, that actually really likes graffiti art!

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