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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 444-448

Apart from emails from Bob Steele Chevrolet in Cocoa, Florida, this edition focuses on New Zealand Other Me.

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For starters, she is now a Patch VIP at the Pumpkin Patch. Sadly, it’s a kids’ clothing store. I thought maybe Kiwis were really into their veggie growing.

– – –
From: Takapuna Boating Club Manager
Re: Two things – replacement for Dave West’s crew

Hi Sarah,
Not sure if you can access during the day
Urgently need a copy of your roster for boat names and numbers and volunteers
Also Carolyn Burns will replace Collette on Zella with Dave – so put her in for Thurs /Fri and then up to you where on Sat/Sun
Takapuna Boating Club Inc.

– – –

From: Liz
Subject: FW: Mr. Pullman’s Compass

Hi Sarah,
First – You may already have seen this, but I found it moving and profound, so I’m passing it along. (See below.) Second – Do you have an email address for Mare that is not the FPU one? Or, if you feel uncomfortable sharing that, would you mind sending her this email address. I rarely check the FPU email. (The last time I checked I had over 250 emails!)

From: Meredith
To: Liz

Dear Liz,
With this opinion piece I am forwarding you is a link to Pullman’s speech. I found it an eloquent and passionate defense of public libraries.
P. S. Your daughter is a joy.

From: gopaladeru
To: Meredith

OPINION | February 01, 2011
Editorial: Mr. Pullman’s Compass
The author Philip Pullman eloquently defended public libraries against Britain’s harsh deficit-reduction plan.

– – –

From: Brett
Subject: interview and application

I am looking forward to speaking with you face-to-face on Monday, February 14th at 9:00 a.m. Please fill out the attached application form and bring with you to the interview. Our address is 583 Lakeland Drive in Chippewa Falls. The attached link will be able to give you better directions than Mapquest or navigation systems, as for some reason those will put you in the wrong spot.
The directions are in the lower left corner.
Thank you,
Smiles In Motion, S.C.
Pediatric Dentistry


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