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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 449-451

Size of new employer: 100,000 people.

Days of employment until I got an email meant for an Other Me: 17.

That didn’t take long.

* * *

Atlanta Other Me has been invited by Lauren at  Bloomie’s to participate in their Fashionable Fundraiser. If she shops off her registry next weekend she gets 15% off. I’m not clear on how that helps literacy, exactly, but oh well.

* * *

London Other Me just bought this rockstar pair of boots on sale from J Shoes.

I could go to her flat to borrow them, if I wanted, being as the shipping confirmation came to me, not her, and now have her home address. How cute is it, right?

But seriously, this is why the internet is a scary place, chickadees. London Other Me has good taste in shoes and a fun job and a lovely home, and for all those reasons, (plus, it bears repeating, how I’m not a psychotic) I’m not about to go stalk her. (And just in case you happen to decide to take up stalking, I made sure that that’s actually her neighbor’s house.) But this took me one click. And if I wasn’t a non-stalker, it would still have taken me one click.

Please, please make sure your personal details are going to the right person? It might mean fewer Mistaken Identity posts but it’d sure be a lot safer.


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