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That Might Be Why

Have you ever had the experience of something being totally rock-solid certain in your head… until you went to say it out loud?

“Of course I must handle all of this! Of course these expectations are totally reasonable! Let me explain it to you!”

…Then you start talking.

Reasoning that works in your head can sound much stupider out loud, I find.

In that vein, I’ve been idly wondering why I’m so exhausted. Because I am. Bone-deep, piles of sweaty clothes, can’t get enough of my bed, exhausted.

Because, you see, I’m not really doing anything different!

…Well, except how I added two sparring classes and a tae kwon do class every week on top of my normal one sparring, three tae kwon do, and two jiu jitsu.


…And except how I’m finally back to lunchtime gym workouts at least a couple of days a week.


…So what was six hours is now more like twelve.


…Sometimes I can actually see you shaking your head at me, you know.


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