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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 452-466

Plenty of junk mail from Mecca Cosmetica and ASK. More from Wizard 101. Oh, and remember how London Other Me ordered these biker boots? Adorbs, right? Well, she returned them. I’d love to know why. They were on sale and everything!

* * *

The Other UK Other Me (these titles are getting longer and longer) is a badminton mom, it appears. Who knew there were such things?

From: Douglas
Re: RSL Midlothian U12 this Saturday

The Penicuik Centre, Carlops Road, Penicuik EH26 9EP

Saturday 5th March 2011

Thank you for your entry to the Tournament. Your starting times are as follows:

You should report ready to play 15 minutes before your time.

Anticipated finish times – for boys, around 5 pm; for girls, around 6.00 pm.

Coaching will not be allowed during matches.

Rally-point scoring will be used in all events – either to 21, extended at 20-all to win by two clear points up to 30-29, or, in certain events, to 15, extended at 14-all to win by two clear points up to 21-20 (as laid out in Appendix 3 of The Laws of Badminton)..

You are advised that the only food and refreshments available in the Centre will be from machines. There are, however, fast-food services and supermarkets not far away.

To reach the Penicuik Centre from the north, leave the Edinburgh City Bypass (A720) at Straiton and take the A701 to Penicuik. Continue into Penicuik until you see BP filling station in a fork on your right. Take the right fork which is Carlops Road (A766) and the Centre is just past the High School on your right.

From the southwest, come up on the A702 Biggar-Edinburgh road, and take the right fork on to the A766 at Nine Mile Burn. As you enter Penicuik the Centre is on your left, just before the High School.

There was a problem with litter after a recent event. Would you please ensure that all wrappings etc. go back in your bag, or into the bins provided.

It is also important that players, when not on court, do not hang about or play in parts of the centre not booked for the tournament.

Douglas, Tournament Organiser and Referee
Lynda, Deputy Referee

* * *

Nathan is telling Other Me how to run the teenage prayer group.

From: Nathan
Subject: EDGE Teachings

I typed the Edge Teaching on Prayer for you to do with your small groups. We will begin with a gathering and then move to the small groups in different rooms. I am going to show the outline below. Please note that I will be making somewhat of a change of the closing in prayer, because i would like to make it a prayer experience. There will be corners of prayer, that i will try to set up in the Chapel for the closing prayer. So that means that you will have to have the youth in the chairs (in the chapel) by 7:10pm.

We will begin at 6:10 in the Cathedral. I will try to have the skit in there, then the youth can follow the teachers to the rooms designated.

Room “B” (carpeted) Grade 6
Room “A” (carpeted) Grade 8 – Susan
Room “G” (Left Side – dividers in room)
Room “G” (Right Side – dividers in room)
Room “C” Grade 7th


EDGE “More than Words”

Sign In / Youth have a seat

GATHER: (in the Cathedral)
Open in Prayer / Birthdays this Month??
“Prayer can be one of the most transforming experiences that we can offer each other. This session helps youth to understand the importance of prayer in their lives.”
Skit “Our Father”

6:40 PM
PROCLAIM: (Leaders)
Youth Split into their Groups / rooms (For teaching by group leaders)

6:55 PM
Group Questions:
1. Describe your prayer life right now.
2. Who is the most prayerful person you know? Why did you pick that person?
3. Are you more likely to pray when things are going well or when things are going poorly? Explain?
4. How often do you pray with friends and family?
5. What differences would more prayer make in your life?

7:00 PM
SEND: (Dee)
Closing Prayer in “CHAPEL”
Room will be set up with “Corners” or prayer experiences
· Room is to be silent / youth will be able to pick a corner for prayer.
· At 5 minute intervals they will change to a new Prayer Corner.
· Each Prayer Corner will have instructions.

These will be the Prayer Corners:
1. Thanksgiving / Praise (5 minutes)
2. Petition / Repentance (5 minutes)
3. Blessing and Adoration (5 minutes)
4. Petition / Intercession (5 minutes)

* * *

Kathy wanted Wisconsin Other Me to come in for an interview. But did she still, once she learned that she didn’t put the right email address on her resume?

From: Kathy
Subject: Position

Hi Sarah

We received your resume for the receptionist position we have open at Chippewa Valley Eye Clinic and am wondering if we could find a time to come in and interview with us? If you could give me a couple of day/times that would work for your schedule, we will try to accomodate.

In advance, thank you for your interest and we look forward to meeting with you

Kathy, Administrator
Chippewa Valley Eye Clinic
denovo Medspa

* * *

Although Pittsburgh Other Me will never find out about the listing that caught her eye, a very sweet Realtor and I had a little chat about pets. And, in the How Small Is This World? files, he’s part of the office one of my besties is using to sell her house right now.

From: Curt
Re: inquiry

Hi Sarah-
Thanks for your kind note with a sense of humor!
Someone with a similar name evidently mis-typed their email address, which I cut and pasted from a consumer inquiry on our website.
I had a kitty 26 years (now rests in a little urn on the fireplace mantle), but no dog either.
Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂


To: Curt
Re: inquiry

Hi Curt,

I live in New Jersey and don’t have a dog. Or any plans to move. I think you’ve reached the wrong Sarah Morgan!

Best wishes,


From: Curt
Re: inquiry

Hello- You did not indicate which property you were inquiring about – If 300 57th, yes he will consider small dogs. There is, however, no yard- it is hillside with steps and decks.
My Pierce St listing will also consider a dog, and has a small yard.
Both are available April 1st.
Thank you.

See my listings in greater detail at:

* * *

Another case of Wisconsin Other Me – like Pittsburgh Other Me – giving out my email as their own. It’s one thing if someone accidentally mis-types the address they’re sending something TO. But seriously, people, is it that hard to remember your OWN email address properly?

From: Kathy
Re: classroom aide

Hi All,

I am pleased to let you know that we have had a high school student volunteer to help in the RE program and she will be the aide for Rebecca’s class. That means you do not need to worry about being here on the Wednesday evenings you were scheduled to help out in your child’s 3rd grade RE classroom. Thank you for your help this year, we really appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedules to help out.

Peace and all Good,
Kathy Pichler
Director of Faith Formation
St. Olaf Catholic Parish

* * *

And to close out, literally as I was finishing this post, Tamarin from Saks Fifth Avenue’s Locator Service wrote to inform Burbank Other Me that this top was available in their Beverly Hills store, and was being shipped to her. Frankly, I’m not a fan. I think it looks like a sack. But would you like to know more about Tamarin? I honestly thought her name was a pseudonym, so I googled, and I apologize: she appears to be worldly, well-educated – and, it must be said, not hard on the eyes, either. Go here, boys.



Hi Sarah! I found another “Other Me” for you (although it’s without the “h”)
The author is Sara Morgan, and of course I thought of you right away!

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